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How jampool works!

Your musicians profile

Select the instruments you play! If you want, you can also state how well you master them. You can also specify your music styles, which are the genres of music you like to play (such as Reggae & Blues). If you additionally upload audio samples ("Soundchecks") from you, other musicians can quickly make a first musical impression of you and know if you fit together musically well.

Collaborate in an existing project ...

If you want to collaborate in a project, download the project files, record your ideas (for example, a guitar solo), or change existing ones (for example, re-mix or add effects). When you're done, upload your version and the project founder will decide if you like your version!

... or: Start a new project

You can also simply start your own project: If you have an unfinished song or just a simple melodic idea, record your ideas and upload them as a jampool project. Other musicians can then continue to work with you on your idea, it's like a "digital jam session"! You can either create a private project and invite other musicians or you can make your project public so that all other jampool users can "join in" it!

Find other musicians

With our musician search you can find suitable musicians for your projects. If you would like to have vocals in one of your songs, but you can not sing yourself, you can filter for singers and contact them via mail or invite them directly to a project! A more extreme example would be one of your Death Metal songs with a didgeridoo solo ...

You lead your project

With your own projects, you keep full control: when other musicians upload a new version of one of your projects, you can listen to them and decide if you "accept" them. Only then will it become visible to others. With the chat function on the project page, you can easily coordinate with your fellow musicians and together you can think about the further course of your project.

Public recording projects

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More about jampool

We want to connect musicians worldwide!

Our vision is to connect musicians from everywhere over the world to be even more creative together! The heart of our platform is a "Dropbox"-like cloud that is optimized for recording projects: Version control, project-based chat for discussion and „musical brainstorming“ plus an instrument and genre based musicians search. Find musicians that suit you by filtering instruments and musical genres. Start a recording project together or work together on one of your songs. If you're from the same city you can easily arrange to meet!

Create your profile with your instruments and genres now and become a part of jampool!